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Fundraising Director

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) is a Non-profit pediatric teaching hospital working in
cooperation with the Cambodian government to provide free, quality health care to
impoverished children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Currently the hospital is 100%
depending on grants with an annual budget of around 6 million US$. The hospital is
exploring other ways of generating incoming, but this position is to ensure multiple year
grants from large foundations and institutions. The hospital is managed by the
Executive Committee (ExCom) consisting of a CEO, Hospital Director, COO and CBO.

Duties and responsibilities

Primary responsibilities:

  • Work with the Excom (particularly the CEO) to develop and implement a strategic
    plan for fundraising
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the Executive Committee, specifically the
    Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer to ensure the budget is
    funded, correctly applied and appropriate donor reports are produced in a timely
  • Manage all aspects of fundraising including donor targeting, donor management,
    donor proposals/reporting in close liaison and supported by the Communication
  • Appropriate systems, resources, records and reports will need to be further
    developed to support these initiatives.
  • Liaises with the Development Committee (as part of the Board of Directors) in
    conjunction with the CEO on a regular base to update and involve Board
    Members on and with fundraising activities
  • Research and evaluate the potential for additional grants from international
    bodies (UN, World Bank, WHO, ASEAN etc.)
  • Identify “best practices” in the field of donor management and reporting.
    Thereafter the Fundraising Director will be responsible for developing a strategy
    and monitoring system to progress AHC to an appropriate, strong position
    regarding best practices.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Identify the necessary resource and skill set requirements of the Fundraising
  • Develop, train and manage a fully resourced Fundraising Team that can sustain
    the hospital for the long term.
  • Collaboratively work with the CEO and other Senior Management in the
    development of new proposals
  • Promote AHC’s reputation nationwide, in the region and beyond.
  • Develop open and positive communication between AHC and all stakeholders.
  • Develop the Cambodian Fundraising Team to take over donor and other
    stakeholder relationships over time.

Qualifications / skills:

The holder of this position will:

  • Have a proven track record of at least 5 years in a senior position within a wellestablished
    organization on developing and implementing successful
    fundraise/sales strategies
  • Excellent sparring-partner for ExCom and Board on all relevant issues
    concerning fundraising
  • Delivers what is promised
  • Excellent management and human resource skills ; the ability to create a
    fundraising team for the future
  • Excellent network and networking skills
  • The ability to represent the hospital on all relevant occasions and able to convey
    the mission, vision and plans of the hospitals in an compelling way
  • Good English verbal and writing skills
  • Cultural sensitivity and ability to motivate and coach staff
  • Interested candidates can find more information about the hospital on
    www.angkorhospital.org or contact Arjen Laan, CBO at cbo@angkorhospital.org

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