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Volunteer Human Resources

Angkor Hospital for Children Angkor (AHC) is a non-profit paediatric teaching hospital providing high-quality compassionate health care to Cambodian children. Working in cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, AHC’s mission is to improve the healthcare system on a national level so that every child in Cambodia, no matter where they live or ability to pay, has access to the quality health care they deserve. AHC has treated over 1.5 million children since our establishment in 1999. In 2005, Angkor Hospital for Children established an on-site microbiology laboratory in collaboration with the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit which was officially established as the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU) in 2013. COMRU’s mission is to lead and collaborate on research aimed at identifying, improving diagnostics and treatment for, and preventing the major causes of childhood morbidity and mortality in Cambodia and similar low and middle income countries.

The organization has grown significantly over the years and currently we employ over 500 health workers and professionals.
As a 24/7 quality organization we continuously make investment in our people to make sure we keep our high standards, work compassionately but efficiently with the money entrusted by our donors.
In order to improve the overall quality of our Human Resource Department staffed by 3 people at the moment and having limited budget available, we seek the assistance of a ‘matured’ HR-Professional that can help us on voluntary bases to improve our human resource practices.
This includes the implementation of a newly designed HR-Manual, succession planning, management development, coaching & training of Heads of Department and the current HR-professionals, An extremely rewarding ‘project’ for somebody who already ‘earned’ his credentials in this field and now wants to ‘transfer’ his/her knowledge and experience.


Main Responsibilities


  • Assist with the implementation HR policies as reflected in the HR Manual; to ensure staff are kept up to date with all new HR policies.
  • Plays a vital role to assist to bring the code of conduct alive.
  • Coaches the current team on training and (management) development, performance appraisal and succession planning.
  • Thinks critically with us to optimize our current HR-practices.
  • Review current HR policies where appropriate, listen to and understand staff feedback and suggest policy changes when needed.
  • Work through the existing team closely with all department directors, facilitates and improves to ensure HR policies are fully understood.
  • Comply with all AHC HR standards, policies and procedures.
  • Supports the Human Resources Director of any HR issues that arise.




  • As said, we look for a mature professional that is eager to listen to the needs and transfer his/her knowledge and experience.
  • Interest in the Cambodian context and its unique culture and the ability to translate general concepts into this setting.
  • Good communication and coaching skills; but also a do-er, making sure we have results.
  • Ability to deal with information in a confidential manner and respond with sensitivity.
  • Ability to handle sensitive and complex situations with sound judgment, tact and discretion.
  • Strong computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


Our Offer

We offer an extremely inspiring and passionate environment as you work will be largely in the hospital compound with our staff.
We will organize all legal requirements such as visa. We can offer a small per diem to cover basic cost.
We look for a volunteer who is willing to work with us for at least 3- 6 months on this important assignment.


How to apply


Interested candidates are requested to apply online http://angkorhospital.org/support/volunteer

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