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Sharing Knowledge, Experience and Laughter – Anitra’s Volunteer Placement with our Pharmacy Unit

Anitra Wenden has always had a love of science. Starting her career as a marine biologist, Anitra changed tact later in life and trained to become a pharmacist. Having spent a good deal of timeRead the full story


Building Preparedness for Pediatric Emergencies – Our Basic Emergency Care course for Cambodian Nurses and Doctors

Recently, Angkor Hospital for Children has conducted a two-week emergency course for three nurses and one doctor from Kratie Provincial Hospital. The Basic Emergency Care course comprises theoretical, simulation and clinical sessions, aimed at enablingRead the full story


Patient Satisfaction Surveys – a Peer to Peer Approach

Our latest patient satisfaction survey, conducted with 24 young patients, show that they are mostly very satisfied with our services, but wish to see some improvements made to waiting time and better facilities, such asRead the full story


Congratulations to our Graduating Residents!

The 2016 exit examination for our residents was the most competitive ever, with a new format assessing performance in all units as well as academic ability, and a class of 15 residents competing for 8Read the full story

Taking Training to the Next Level at AHC

This is a one-day simulation based course addressing medical emergencies, focusing on team performance in emergency situations. It is delivered by an international team, headed by Professor R. Henker from University of Pittsburgh. First heldRead the full story

A Bright and Clear Future: Correcting Reaksa’s Vision

Reaksa* is 14-years old and comes from a farming family in Srey Snorm district, about 85 kilometres from Siem Reap town. Reaksa has just passed her diploma exam and will start grade 10 in theRead the full story


Back to Basics – the life-saving importance of good nutrition

Steoroth* is 13-months old and lives with her grandmother in a village 10km outside of Siem Reap town. For the last 10 months, her parents have been away in Thailand working. Steoroth’s grandmother is veryRead the full story


Our Neonatal Tetanus Survivor; Thanks to Round-the-Clock, Specialised Care

In Cambodia, as in other developing countries, it is rare for a newborn to survive neonatal tetanus. However, *Mean – now three months old – is an exception to the rule; after spending a monthRead the full story