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World Rabies Day: Education, Vaccinate, Eliminate!

Children are at higher risk of contracting the rabies virus because they are more likely to play with animals, and do not have the ability to protect themselves from aggressive animals – animals that canRead the full story


Ready for Emergencies: Training Cambodian Medical Staff in Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Twice a year, AHC conducts the 3-day Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) training – recognized as the international gold standard in paediatric emergency training. This interactive and practical training consists of class-room theory, small groupRead the full story


An Innovative Approach to Patient Feedback – Peer-led Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Whilst inputs from patients’ parents are important, even more crucial is direct, honest patient feedback – articulated by our young patients. Children can often feel intimidated by adults asking questions about their experience, or tryRead the full story


Passionate about child health, one volunteer believes ‘no child should die of cancer because of where they live’

Volunteer nursing advisor, Liz Sniderman, has returned to the United States after two busy weeks volunteering at AHC, with an even greater passion for working with children with cancer. Liz, who has a Masters degreeRead the full story

Science Cafe – Making Science Accessible to Everyone!

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) has initiated a unique community engagement discussion in Cambodia! The inaugural session of AHC’s “Science Cafe” was held this week with the aim of getting ordinary community members together inRead the full story


AHC’s Teaching Role: Tropical Medicine Training for International Health Workers

Angkor Hospital for Children had the privilege of hosting 25 physicians and nurse practitioners from North America, Laos and Cambodia for a Tropical Medicine course from August 4-6th 2016. It is the second time thatRead the full story


World Hepatitis Day – Prevent Hepatitis. Act now!

The World Health Organization (WHO) marks 28th July as World Hepatitis Day. Hepatitis is an inflammation or infection of the liver, and it can affect both children and adults. There are 3 commonly seen typesRead the full story


Accessing timely medical care – a right of all children, rich and poor

When 18-month-old Chinda arrived at AHC, he was close to death. He had been living with his grandmother in a village 40Km from Siem Reap when she had noticed that he was sickly – butRead the full story