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A Bright and Clear Future: Correcting Reaksa’s Vision

Reaksa* is 14-years old and comes from a farming family in Srey Snorm district, about 85 kilometres from Siem Reap town. Reaksa has just passed her diploma exam and will start grade 10 in the coming school year.

Reaksa was born with normal vision, however when she was 7 years old her parents started to notice that her eyes were a little crossed at times. Her parents brought her to the Angkor Hospital for Children Eye Clinic where our doctors assessed her condition and provided her with glasses to try to gently correct the issue; they also recommended regular check-ups. Reaksa’s parents were busy farmers, living a long distance from Siem Reap and did not bring her back for the check-ups. As she got older she noticed that her right eye was getting worse and her vision was started to become blurred, especially when trying to concentrate on the blackboard at school. Reaksa’s family were anxious that she would never be able to see the world clearly. Fortunately, one of her teachers at school had received training from the AHC community outreach team and advised the family to return to AHC for a second consultation.

Reaksa arrived at AHC on 20th February 2017, seven years since her initial visit. Upon arrival at the Outpatient Department Reaksa was referred to the Eye Clinic where she was seen by one of our paediatric ophthalmologists that same day. Our ophthalmologist confirmed that Reaksa had a Strabismus in her right eye and recommended eye surgery to correct her vision. Strabismus is a failure of the two eyes to maintain proper alignment and work together as a team.
The 30-minute surgery was performed by AHC’s team of Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic surgeons in the Eye Clinic. Reaksa was able to leave the hospital to stay with her relatives in Siem Reap town and returned the following day to get her sutures removed. Reaksa came back for a checkup two weeks later, and her eye condition had improved significantly. She can now go back to school as usual and will be able to see her lessons on the blackboard much more clearly.

AHC’s eye surgeons were very happy with the outcome of the procedure and her recovery is going well. The team predicted that Reaksa will develop normal vision once again. Reaksa will continue with regular check ups, but thanks to AHC, her future looks bright and clear once more!

*Name and photo changed for confidentiality

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