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A decade of visits: Dr Brown’s steady development of AHC’s paediatric orthopedics

“Year by year, AHC has continued to improve…more organized, more training, and there is clear progression each time I visit. I am impressed – that is why I come here every year”, says Dr. Desmond Brown, a paediatric orthopedist who has been coming to AHC as a valued volunteer for more than ten years.

Hailing from New Orleans in the USA, Dr Brown first visited AHC in 2005 with Health Volunteers Overseas. Dr. Brown specializes in paediatric orthopedics, and has been working at the Boston Medical Center for 15 years. He is also an assistant professor of orthopedics at Boston University School of Medicine.

Every year, Dr. Brown spends at least 3 weeks each January, working with AHC’s surgical team in the Outpatient Department (OPD) and Operating Theatre (OT). AHC’s surgeons have gained a lot from his expertise and teachings during these 10 years. “I have never been disappointed with my volunteering here – I see AHC’s doctors moving forward, not backward. I think this is a huge achievement for me, because I am a part of this development”, say Dr. Brown.

“For me, AHC is such a great hospital – providing the best medical education, good training, high quality healthcare, compassionate care, and the hospital is always ready to cooperate with other organizations and overseas volunteers. The management system here is open to all people who are willing to improve paediatric care, no matter where we are from”, he continues.

The competency and personality of AHC medical staff has really impressed Dr. Brown; however, he is less pleased to see the limitations of the orthopedic equipment available for the operating theatre and the limited space available for orthopedics in the hospital. Dr. Brown hopes to see AHC get more funding so that these limitations can be overcome. “Sometimes we are unable to complete surgical cases because we lack some of the necessary equipment. And sometimes I feel sorry that we have to deny or delay incoming patients because our rooms are full”, adds Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown encourages medical professionals who are keen to widen their experience and share their skills to come and discover AHC. He not only emphasizes the positive points of the hospital, but also of Siem Reap in general – Dr. Brown really enjoys the town’s environment, climate, tradition and culture – and especially the Khmer food!

Thank you, Dr. Brown for so generously and loyally donating your time and expertise over so many years to AHC and our orthopaedic surgery. You have made an enormous contribution to the development of our paediatric service and we are really looking forward to welcoming you back again next year.

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