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Big help for small babies

ahc_neonate1At 8am this morning we lovingly transferred our littlest patients to our brand new Neonate Unit at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC).

In the last four years 1,049 neonates (babies under 28 days old), have been treated by our medical team here in Cambodia. Until today just five beds were dedicated to these babies, but due to an ever-increasing need for specialist treatment, we will now be able to care for 12 neonates at any one time.

The unit consists of two main areas: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for critical babies, and the Special Care Baby Unit. High quality features necessary for the treatment of these small patients will help improve infection control, create a first-class standardization of care and ultimately help save the lives of many children.


As always we strive to be a role model for health care in Cambodia, and thanks to this specialist unit we are leading the way in Neonatal Care.  So far this year we have treated 207 neonates and our team of five doctors and seven nurses look forward to providing exceptional care to new arrivals.

If you want to show support to our tiny patients, there are many ways you can – from fundraising to knitting little hats – find out how.

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