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Wild pig attacks boy

patient_emergency_satellite_clinicFor Rathanak and his father the day started off fairly normally in Chikreang, at their home an hour down the road from Siem Reap. It is now the cool season in Cambodia and like many rural Cambodians they started the day tending to their rice field, chasing off scavenging parrot birds, and protecting the fields from various other pests. After a long morning of hard work Rathanak and his father decided to take a break, resting in a small shack in the middle of their field.

While they were resting, Rathanak was woken up by the barking of his dog. The only thing he saw was a small harmless turtle, but he went to have a look like any young boy would do. Just as he bent to have a closer look, he was suddenly knocked to the ground and bitten by a wild boar.

Rathanak says he screamed and called for help but his father did not wake up. He had to kick and fight off the boar by himself, but not before he was bitten and bruised and sustained deep cuts. He was very brave in response to this bizarre attack; nevertheless he received multiple serious wounds.

His father found him in the rice field, picked him up and carried him to a nearby cart, pulled by a cow, and took him to a local health center where he stayed overnight. In the morning, the health center staff quickly recognized that it would be best for him to be transported to the Satellite Clinic at Sotnikum. At the Satellite clinic it was decided that he should be treated at AHC, because his many deep wounds required AHC’s surgical capabilities.

Luckily for Rathanak, his ride got much easier at this point, thanks to the new ambulance recently donated by John and Nina Cassils. The ambulance is fully updated with all the supplies, equipment and monitors one would expect in a more developed setting. It is now making a very big difference for the care of patients at AHC’s Satellite clinic and Rathanak was the first patient transported in it.

Rathanak’s parents expressed sincere thanks for the compassionate care that he received. For us at AHC we are very thankful for the support and encouragement that makes such care possible. You never know when the next wild boar might attack!


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