laboratory_ahcAs in many other aspects of the health care we provide at AHC, we seek to be a model for laboratory science in Cambodia. Today our Laboratory performs over 45,000 tests for on-site diagnostics each year.

Mahidol Oxford Research Unit

2005 saw the opening of a Microbiology Lab in partnership with Mahidol Oxford Research Unit at AHC. This is an invaluable resource and is one of only a few labs in Cambodia with this level of microbiology capacity. Epidemiologic data allows doctors to diagnose infectious diseases. With such a high level of antibiotic resistance in Cambodia it is important to have this information to have ensure correct treatment plans. It has also made possible improvements in infection control and research capabilities.

laboratory_cambodiaNational research projects in Cambodia

Angkor Hospital for Children participates in a number of national surveillance projects, e.g. the development of Japanese encephalitis, influenza-like-illness and severe acute respiratory illnesses. In addition we provide ongoing specialist training to build the capacity and knowledge of our staff and government lab technicians in Cambodia.