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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children


When AHC was founded, good governance was to be a guiding principle. The term itself implies clear purpose and direction, overlaid with transparency and accountability.

Through primary care, specialty services, and holistic support, we offer compassionate, lifesaving aid that is often found nowhere else in Cambodia. 

Beyond the AHC walls, we are working to support and strengthen the Cambodian healthcare system through capacity building, medical education and community outreach programs.

As AHC embarks on its third decade, our task is to continue to incorporate the complexity of modern governance and develop frameworks that better it to the highest standards. Hand in hand with Organizational Quality Assurance (OQA) practices in place, AHC diligently sets and tracks KPIs across the hospital.

This keeps accountability with our stakeholders, and ensures AHC’s sustainability, relevance and impact in the years ahead.

Did you know?

Children in Cambodia’s rural areas are at three times greater risk of death before their 5th birthday according to the 2014 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey.

AHC’s Community Health Action and Engagement Department (CHAED) works with community leaders and Village Health Support Groups (VHSGs) to improve the quality of health services provided in communities and to promote disease prevention and good health practices.

Community Action and Engagement Department

Community action and engagement has been proven as an effective strategy for harnessing a society’s potential, particularly in health improvement in disadvantaged communities. This method is also a means of providing a voice to the vulnerable and is therefore a powerful tool for addressing health challenges. 

AHC established the Community Action and Engagement Department in 2001 to address the lack of services and information available in our surrounding communities, using child friendly, engaging activities to improve health literacy and awareness of preventative health measures. 

Each year there are over 110,000 attendances to our community education sessions which cover a range of activities such as drama and theater workshops for school children, dengue and malaria prevention workshops with villagers and local healthcare workers, nutritional education sessions with parents and children, and immunisation outreach.

Find out how you can become involved with CHAED


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