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Congratulations Dr Leakhena and Dr Pises!

Dr Leakhena’s research examined neonatal admissions, specifically the epidemiological aspects, diagnoses and outcomes. Her research identified a number of common risk factors at the community and health care levels, which with some small interventions could be mitigated including hypothermia, jaundice and hypoglycemia. These important findings will feed into AHC’s community, patient and staff training, and contribute to improving neonatal survival rates in Cambodia.

Dr Pises research examined rheumatic heart disease (RHD) over a 13 year period, aiming to identify the most common clinical presentation in RHD patients and identify its severity at AHC. His research highlighted the prevalence of RHD in north-west Cambodia, a disease commonly presented in developing countries. This indicates that certain risk factors such as poor hygiene, crowded family environment, lacking education and healthcare continue to be some of the biggest challenges in rural Cambodia. These findings reinforce the need for national programmes to address these risk factors; and highlight the need for more investment in treatment and education on simple throat infections in children in rural Cambodia.

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