Angkor Hospital for Children is committed to improving the availability of high quality health care throughout Cambodia. We work towards this goal by providing continuing education for both Angkor Hospital for Children staff, government health workers and local communities. 


Medical Education Center

Since 1999, Angkor Hospital for Children has been a centre for treatment and education. Our Medical Education Center prepares new generations of health care professionals to provide high quality, compassionate care, no matter where they work. We hold weekly lectures for AHC staff and throughout the year we run courses for Cambodian health care staff.

Cambodia’s First Teaching Hospital

In 2005 AHC was officially recognized as Cambodia’s first teaching hospital, one of only a few in the country. Today it serves as a training site for the World Health Organization’s Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses Program.

Educating Local Communities

We understand education can lead to prevention and our Capacity Building and Health Education and Health System Strengthening Programs help strengthen the  government health care system by providing existing health facilities with general guidelines and basic protocols, thus increasing the quality of care available outside of our hospital. We use programs like our Drama Theatre to share health education with as many people as possible.