Capacity Building and Health Education Program

cbhep_ahcCapacity Building and Health Education Program (CBHEP) began in 2001 to address health issues in the community. The core of CBHEP is to build on an approach of participation and cooperation through villagers, commune chiefs and health centers in Cambodia. Working closely with other AHC departments, we ensure when patients need additional care they are referred to the hospital.

Health Center Project (HCP)

AHC offers three levels of training provided to health center staff, in their workplace, covering theory, clinical practice, and follow up sessions. We also provide technical assistance to nurses and midwifes. HCP covers a variety of outreach activities including vaccinations, immunization information materials and educating families on healthy diets. In cooperation with the Dental Clinic we also provide services at the health centers.


Community Health Development Project (CHDP)

This project develops a network of volunteers who promote health prevention activities in their communities. CHDP assesses and identifies needs of villages by selecting Village Health Volunteers (VHV) and Village Health Volunteer Supervisors (VHVS). Access to clean water is taken for granted in many countries, but in Cambodia waterborne diseases are a common causes of illness. With the help of our VHV network, we provide water filters and raise awareness on sanitation.


Health Education Project

Our aim is to provide targeted health education with a focus on disease prevention. The village’s VHV network receives training on health care from our staff on antenatal care, malaria, dengue fever, immunization and acute respiratory infections. The VHV/VHVS then become the main health promoters in the community. Together we provide various health promotion activities through drama shows in the villages. This is a popular and draws a large crowd making it a great way to communicate important messages.