Educating Cambodian Health Workers

Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses 

Angkor Hospital for Children is one of only four hospitals in Cambodia that serves as a training site for the World Health Organization’s Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI). The IMCI was developed by the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO) in order to address the specific needs of children in developing countries. This program works to strengthen existing healthcare systems through education to enable health workers to easily and promptly recognise sick children and instigate immediate treatment.  

Diploma in Child Health Program 

This ten-month course, followed by formal examination, is offered by Angkor Hospital for Children physicians, in collaboration with the children’s hospital at Westmead, Australia and the University of Sydney, to Cambodian doctors. Utilising video lectures shown in our Medical Education Centres, private and government doctors are able to advance their knowledge about the specific medical needs of children. 

Advanced Paediatric Life Support Training (APLS) 

Angkor Hospital for Children is the only hospital in Cambodia to offer the APLS course. Originally introduced by Cambodian-Australian Dr. Ung Setthy in 2005, the APLS course covers life support, serious illness diagnosis and management and practical procedures including pain management. This training takes three days (26 hrs of learning time) and complies with Australian accreditation standards.

Multidisciplinary Learning

Angkor Hospital for Children offers many opportunities for our staff to learn as team. Examples include multidisciplinary workshops and courses, and in-house specialist training, supported by volunteers, for example in cardiothoracic surgery and oncology. 

Medical Interns

Angkor Hospital for Children accepts medical interns from the University of Health Sciences and International University in Phnom Penh for 5-month clinical placements. They rotate through all of our departments and are assessed at the end of each rotation and complete a formal written examination at the end of the placement. 

Pre-Service Training for Cambodian Nursing Students 

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Angkor Hospital for Children  has run a national campaign to improve the skills of nursing students since 2001. Each of the five national nursing schools send nursing students for a two-week long rotation so that they can have real hospital experience before graduating. These nursing students are able to rotate through all of our units, receive regular theoretical lectures, accompany AHC nurses during their daily duties and are encouraged to engage in discussions on case studies or theoretical questions.

Government Doctors and Nurses 

Angkor Hospital for Children fills the gap in specialty training by providing basic paediatric nursing, emergency and surgical care courses for government health care professionals. Participating physicians and nurses are taken on clinical ward rounds and learn about best clinical practice through lectures and discussion sessions. 

Education at Government Health Centres 

The Capacity Building and Health Education Program (CBHEP) provides training to nurses from government health centres both at Angkor Hospital Children and at their respective clinics. Nurses come to AHC for classroom training and clinical demonstrations, and AHC staff follow-up with further training at individual health centres to maximize learning. These follow-up sessions allow our staff to assess learning and fill information gaps.   

Clinical Instructors and Preceptors 

Angkor Hospital for Children was selected by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as the only training site for their Clinical Instructor and Preceptor course. This course is for nurses and midwives from national and provincial hospitals, and the overall objective is to introduce participants to clinical practice management and give them the tools they need to properly evaluate student performance through theoretical discussions, methodology training and clinical practice sessions. AHC was chosen because we are the only hospital in Cambodia consistently implementing proper nursing protocols. We facilitate this training by providing classrooms for lectures, coordinating lecture and practical sessions with nurses’ schedules where appropriate and facilitating hands-on and observational clinical rotations within our medical units. According to the most recent data available from the MoH, more than 300 nurses and midwives have graduated from this program. This course means that more health facilities can benefit from AHC’s nursing protocols.