Continuing Education for Angkor Hospital for Children Staff

Curriculum for Junior Doctors 

Angkor Hospital for Children’s three-year paediatric residency program began in 2003 and has a total of more than 40 doctors enrolled in the program (first through third years). This program comprises daily classroom-based and departmental teaching from senior AHC paediatricians and volunteer paediatricians and paediatric sub-specialists, combined with extensive hands-on clinical teaching in the in-patient and outpatient departments, ER, PICU, Neonatal Unit and Satellite Clinic (AHC paediatric unit based in government referral hospital). Many of our graduates choose to remain at AHC, but a portion do opt for government positions, thus taking AHC standards and education further afield. 

Education for Senior Paediatricians 

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest international medical protocols and ensure optimal staff management and training, Angkor Hospital for Children’s senior doctors are committed to on-going education both at AHC and elsewhere. At AHC, doctors attend a weekly medical faculty meeting to develop and improve the training in their department, weekly hospital grand rounds, monthly radiology meetings, various workshops and monthly mortality meetings where senior and junior doctors discuss and learn from these difficult cases in order to improve patient care . AHC paediatricians actively engage in a variety of research projects, attend national and international medical conferences and regularly receive scholarships to attend specialized training courses outside of Cambodia. 

Education for Nurses 

Angkor Hospital for Children sets high standards for itself and uses continuous education to make sure our nursing staff stay up-to-date on the latest care practices. Nurses are the main providers of day-to-day care at AHC, and we want to ensure that our patients’ emotional and medical needs are being met. Weekly nurse-led presentations, physician-led lectures and a journal club presented by international volunteers and senior nurses are all opportunities for our nurses to learn about international practices and developing literature. Thanks to our supporters, many of our nurses are able to attend nursing conferences both in Cambodia and abroad.