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Running for AHC – Everyone Arrives to the Final Line with Smile

The 21st Angkor Wat International Half Marathon drew a crowd of more than 10,000 individuals from around the world for the 3km, 10km and 21km races. It was a cool, crowded morning at the Angkor Temple complex as athletes gathered nervously at the starting line in front of Angkor Wat. The 21km race takes runners around the Grand Tour loop, past some of the world’s most iconic religious monuments. As runners neared the finish line, supporters cheered wildly and runners supported one another with words of encouragement. Events like this truly bring people together, no matter where they are from.

Angkor Hospital for Children had a combined team of more than 100 individuals involved in the 3rd December Bike4Kids event and the 4th December running events, local and international, across all distances in the cycling and running events. The weekend began on Saturday, with the Bike4Kids charity ride, where cyclists could choose from 17km, 37km or a gruelling 117km ride, followed by a fun dinner at the Siem Reap Brew Pub, where runners loaded up on pasta and cyclists re-energised.

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is our biggest local fundraiser each year, and we’ve raised more than $144,000 so far—more than we’ve ever raised in a local fundraiser! An enormous thank you to our supporters, whether you ran, volunteered, cheered from the side lines or fundraised from abroad, none of this would have been possible without you.

Manulife, the race’s main sponsor and fundraiser, presented us with an amazing $110,000 in funds raised, all of which will go towards ensuring the hospital has the resources it needs to provide life-saving services. We are incredibly grateful to Manulife for their generosity and support.

To see some of the amazing 21st Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, watch this short video: http://angkorhospital.org/videos/?video=30

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