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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

AHC Membership Scheme


We are offering our supporters and partners the very special chance to become an exclusive ‘member’ by joining our new AHC Membership scheme. AHC Membership is to make the supporter/donor feel special. It allows the continuous support of individuals to help AHC to continue its mission and vision in providing quality and compassionate medical care and treatment for the children of Cambodia.

Everyone is welcome to become a member of AHC! Just register and drop the donation monthly or annually for supporting Angkor Hospital for Children.

There are two levels of membership as below for you to choose:

Being a member of AHC, you will not only receive the reminder of your donation payment or renewal of membership subscription, but also will receive the update news or information of the hospital, which will be shared on all social media channels of AHC including Telegram Channel, Facebook Page, YouTube, and our website. Moreover, each member will be acknowledged and appreciated at the end of the term of the donation annually including the getting the Certificate of Appreciation and hospital gifts as well as participate in any special training conducted by the hospital.

The most important benefit is to be part of AHC family in helping to provide quality health care services to Cambodia’s children.

Process to join as member:

  1. To be an official member of the AHC Membership scheme, the donor has to register by completing the Membership Registration Form. The form is available on the hospital’s website and on the IPad at the AHC Visitor Centre. There is a QR Code to the quick access to get the form.
  2. After the form is completed and submitted, there will be a notification alert to the AHC Membership Management Team for corresponding with the donor to discuss the donation amount, duration of the support, and the payment method.
  3. For the members from a group or a business organization, the registration can be done via the representative of the group or the business organization. The group or the business organization must sign the Third-party-fundraiser Form (for Khmer please click here) to get the agreement from any member of Executive Committee of AHC in collecting the donation from their members or staff to support AHC.
  4. Each member will receive the reminder of donation payment and the membership renewal from the AHC Membership Management Team.

The Membership Donation Payment:

  • Donor In Cambodia
    • Cash at AHC Visitor Centre
    • ABA Bank: 000 853 843 (Angkor Hospital for Children)
    • Wing: 9122 (for Khmer Riel) – 8122 (for US Dollar)


Contact our friendly Membership Coordinator for more information and let us guide you through the subscription process

Tel: +855(0)63 963 409

Mobile: +855(0)12 725 745 / +855(0)16 735 735

E: [email protected]