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Meet Our Team: AHC’s new Waste Management Coordinators

The Waste Management team is a new specialist unit at AHC, and part of the Infection Prevention Control initiative. The unit is headed up by our Infection Control Nurse, Ms. Seng Soklin, and is staffed by two waste collectors. The role of the waste collectors is to collect all waste from around the hospital.

The waste collectors also manage the storage of hazardous waste on-site and the daily loading and operation of the new incinerator. It is not a simple job as they often have to deal with infectious waste left over from emergencies or surgeries, for example, making sure to do so correctly and safely. Our waste collectors are always present when the incinerator is operating, and there is always at least one collector in the hospital during the day – seven days a week. AHC’s first two Waste Collectors are Mr. Mao Kmit and Mr. Hun Kimsean.

For the last two years, Kmit worked at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) as a cleaner in the Housekeeping Department. He likes working for AHC because he feels he has the opportunity to contribute to the quality of care of the sick children. As part of his job he had already been collecting waste around the hospital and when the new waste collector positions were created he decided to apply.

Kimsean began at AHC in 2013 as a volunteer in the housekeeping unit. He was reliable and good at the job and was quickly hired as a full time staff member. Like Kmit, his job included cleaning all areas of the hospital and collecting waste. He was highly committed to his job and when the position became available he thought that this was a good opportunity to specialise in this waste collection.

Kmit and Kimsean took up their positions in November. Nurse Soklin is already very happy with their achievements and thinks that they make a great team – both are dedicated to the job and are skilled at navigating around the clinical staff to collect the waste without interrupting treatments and procedures. Working among the patients can also be challenging as many children like to run around and explore which means they have to be extra careful that they do not put them at risk while they work.

In November Kimsean and Kmit had the opportunity to train together on infection prevention control, hazardous waste handling and safe incinerator operation. Though it is not the most glamourous job, they both enjoy their work and feel that they are contributing to the work of the hospital.

Days when AHC has major surgeries, such as open heart surgeries, are the busiest as there is a lot of infectious waste to collect. Kimsean and Kmit find that there is more than enough to do to keep their days busy. At present they are working closely with the biomedical engineer – as the incinerator is new equipment that takes some getting used to – and with the supplier who is assisting with troubleshooting.

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