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Building Preparedness for Pediatric Emergencies – Our Basic Emergency Care course for Cambodian Nurses and Doctors

Recently, Angkor Hospital for Children has conducted a two-week emergency course for three nurses and one doctor from Kratie Provincial Hospital. The Basic Emergency Care course comprises theoretical, simulation and clinical sessions, aimed at enabling doctors and nurses to recognise and treat common paediatric emergencies. It emphasises the importance of working as a multidisciplinary team and includes an introduction to emergency room equipment and necessary ancillary skills such as fluid and pain management in children and procedures.

Mr Tekmony Kunthea is one of the nurse participants from Kratie province; “We came to AHC to achieve higher knowledge of basic emergency procedures to save children’s lives in Kratie province, especially in emergency cases”. Kunthea enjoyed the hands-on practical components of the training; “We have learned a lot about emergency procedures that nurses need to know to save lives; including the physical practices of airway management and ventilation”.

This course takes place in AHC’s Emergency Room and includes group work and practical sessions. AHC is committed to training government health workers and students from around the country, in order to help improve child health care in Cambodia. Some of our other courses include: basic and advanced neonatal care, basic and advanced paediatric care, nursing process, infection prevention and control, and nutrition and breastfeeding. Where possible, AHC also provides follow-up training visits to the home site of the participant group to ensure that learned practices are being put to effective use.

Kunthea believes that the training is a great opportunity for his team; “Coming here to learn basic emergency care is a great experience for our team; the chance to cooperate and communicate with AHC nurses and doctors to improve our practice and provide compassionate care to children is a great support to Kratie Provincial Hospital “.

Congratulations to the Kratie team for their hard work and commitment during the course. We’ve enjoyed having them with us and can’t wait to see how effectively they implement their new skills and knowledge upon their return to Kratie.

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