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Dengue fever outbreak

dengue_fever_patientChheng* is 7 years old is from the Kompong Thom province, 150 km from Siem Reap. Two years ago his father went to work in Thailand and never came back. Chheng’s mother had to start cleaning, washing clothes and cutting grass to provide for her family, earning just US$2 a day.

Local health center

One day Chheng developed a high fever, abdominal pain, headache and poor appetite. His mother gave him cold medicine, but it didn’t work and so she took him to a local health center, where he received an IV infusion. The cost was US$25 and his health still did not improve.

Travel to AHC in shared taxi

A village member recommended Angkor Hospital for Children so he traveled with his mother and grandmother in a shared taxi for two hours. Blood tests showed that Chheng had dengue fever and he was immediately admitted to the Inpatient Department where he slept on a mattress in the corridor which is currently serving as overflow from the ward. His mother and grandmother stayed to take care of him.

After two days he could eat and drink as usual, and started speaking with his mother again. On the third day he was transferred to Low Acuity Unit for recovery and final check-up prior to returning home.

*Patient’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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