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Patient learns about dental hygiene

dental_clinic_patientThea*, a 7 year old boy, came with his mother to AHC’s Dental Clinic for treatment. They travelled more than 150km from Svay Sisophon district in Banteay Mean Chey province. The taxi cost US$10 which is a large financial outlay for a family struggling on US$1.50 a day. Thea is the second youngest child in the family. He has two sisters and two brothers. His father is a fisherman and his mother stays at home to take care of all the children.

First time visit to AHC

This is the first time that Thea and his mother have come to AHC.  His mother was told about AHC by her friend who is living in Siem Reap. They arrived in the evening so they had to sleep one night in the waiting area. Thea had had toothache around one month before, but in the past his mother always bought medication from a pharmacy to stop the pain. However, that didn’t work on this toothache so his mother decided to bring him to AHC. After a check-up and examination by the AHC dentist and dental nurse, one of Thea’s teeth had to be extracted. After the procedure was finished a dental nurse explained to his mother how to brush teeth properly and how to prevent dental cavities.

Thankful to Dental Clinic

Thea’s mother was very happy with how AHC staff treated her in the hospital and especially in the dental clinic. The thing that makes a difficulty for her is money, because she had to borrow some from a neighbor to come to AHC with her son. She said that when she came to AHC she received extra benefits on top of the excellent medical care such as knowledge about oral care and hygiene. She is so thankful to the AHC Dental Clinic staff that helped to treat her son’s teeth and also many other children in Cambodia.

*Patient’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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