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George shares trauma experience with AHC staff

Curiosity and an interest in people’s lives led George Sachs to pursue a career in psychology, eventually finishing a masters and doctorate to become a clinical child psychologist.

“Meeting with a patient is like reading a book about them; each time they come to visit you a new chapter is revealed,” George says.

“Plus it is a very satisfying career in that I can help people reach their goals and fullest potential.”

At his private practice in Manhattan, New York, George’s focus is to treat children and teens with ADHD and/or Autism. Prior to opening his Manhattan practice George worked in the poorest, most violent neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, treating children who had been abused or neglected, for trauma and PTSD.

In July, George spent a week volunteering with AHC’s Social Work Unit, sharing his expertise in the treatment of trauma in children. During his stay he taught trauma therapy to the social work staff and lectured on trauma in general to doctors and nurses.

“It has been wonderful,” he says.

“I was especially impressed with the social work staff and the challenging cases they see and the difficulties they face supporting the families of AHC patients.”

He says it is important AHC’s social workers also get support from the hospital because the stress of working with traumatized children and families in crisis can lead to trauma for the social workers if they don’t have support and implement self-care practices.

While working in Los Angeles he wrote a workbook for therapists who treat PTSD in children, which he shared with AHC’s social workers.

George heard about AHC through a friend who had previously volunteered here and wanted to learn more about life in Cambodia. Thank you George, your curiosity has increased the knowledge and skills of the AHC team.

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