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Monk treated for dengue fever

monk_patientA year ago 10 year old Houn*, left his three siblings and parents who are farmers in the Chi Kreng, to become a Buddhist monk because the poverty affecting his family meant they could not provide for him.

Treated with IV at pagoda

One day while he was at the pagoda, his temperature rose rapidly. He had malaise, poor appetite, and had difficulty breathing. Houn was treated by a local doctor at his pagoda and was given an IV fluid infusion, some medicine and a blood test. The results showed he had an unidentified illness and his condition continued to get worse. The next day he was brought in a shared taxi with his mother to Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC). This was his second visit to AHC,  the first was a few years before he joined the priesthood when his mother was concerned about a cold.

Diagnosed with dengue fever

Upon arrival he was taken immediately to the Inpatient Department after triage staff saw his critical condition. He had blood tests and the subsequent diagnosis was that the boy had dengue fever. He received an IV infusion, medicine and oxygen and his condition improved. After just one day at AHC, he could sit, eat and breathe by himself.

*Patient’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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