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Patient Satisfaction Surveys – a Peer to Peer Approach

Our latest patient satisfaction survey, conducted with 24 young patients, show that they are mostly very satisfied with our services, but wish to see some improvements made to waiting time and better facilities, such as an upgraded playground and library. We are more confident than ever that the feedback is genuine and accurate. Why are we so confident? Because Angkor Hospital for Children takes a peer to peer approach to these surveys; we use members of our Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG), aged between 7-15 years, to conduct the surveys with our child patients and to draw out genuine and truthful responses from the respondents.

Patient satisfaction surveys are normally conducted in hospital environments by adults or people who are experienced in doing surveys and interviews. The responses from these surveys help us to make changes and improvements in the future and are key to improving patient experience. We believe that when adults ask young children about their experiences and what they think about the hospital, the answers might not always be completely truthful, as the child patient may feel shy or say what they think the adults want or expect to hear. By having children asking the questions, we believe that the patients will feel far more comfortable and free to speak their true thoughts.

This is the third time the YPAG members have conducted a patient survey within the hospital. As an added bonus, the YPAG members themselves benefit from this experience through learning how to conduct surveys, building confidence in interviewing and interacting with others and teamwork. As an additional step, the YPAG members present their findings to the hospital’s Executive Committee. Despite being nervous and having to speak in English rather than their native Khmer, these young people do an incredible job of presenting their findings succinctly and articulately – ensuring that the Executive Committee have the information needed to take active steps toward improving the patient experience at Angkor Hospital for Children.

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