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Baby in ICU for 22 days

premature_babyA baby born prematurely at eight months gestation, Vireak*, was delivered at a rural health center 15km from the Satellite Clinic (SC). A day after delivery, Vireak was sent to the SC for neonatal care. The following day he could not breathe properly so he was transferred by ambulance to AHC for intensive care admission.

Neonatal care

Upon arrival, Vireak was admitted to our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and was immediately intubated because he was unable to breath. While staying in the ICU, he was treated in the incubator and his blood tests showed he had a neonatal infection.

22 days in ICU

Initially, Vireak was treated with Beta-lactamine antibiotics but his virus was resistant to them, so he was then treated with Imipenem. After 22 days in the ICU he was sent to the Neonatal Unit in the Inpatient Department. Here Vireak gained weight and was able to breathe without mechanical support, but still needed to stay in the incubator to continue his recovery until he was allowed home.

*Patient’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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