Hong Kong donations

Angkor Hospital for Children Limited is a Charitable Institution registered with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department with the registration number 1860426. Your donation is fully tax deductible according to Hong Kong tax laws. The purpose of Angkor Hospital for Children Limited is to raise funds and awareness for AHC Cambodia in Hong Kong.

If you work for a company that matches employee donations, please remember to mail your company’s matching gift form to the address below.

Hong Kong donors can donate to AHC by paypal or by writing a check made out to Angkor Hospital for Children Limited. and mailing it to:

Angkor Hospital for Children Ltd,
c/o Tricor Services Ltd, Level 54, Hopewell Centre,
183 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong

For any specific questions regarding Hong Kong donations, or to make a wire transfer to Angkor Hospital for Children Limited, please email: [email protected]

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