angkor_hospital_for_childrenOutpatient Department

More than 500 children are seen in our Outpatien Department (OPD) each day. Nurses with advanced training care for 40% of the patients, enabling doctors to focus on more severe illnesses.

Inpatient Department & Low Acuity Unit

The 50-bed IPD provides 24hr care to 280+ patients each month. The most common diseases are acute respiratory infections, sepsis, dengue fever and asthma. The LAU is for children who no longer need the complex care provided in the IPD, but who are not yet well enough to go home.

Emergency Room & Intensive Care Unit

Open 24hrs a day, the ER & ICU treat more than 1,600 critically ill patients each month. The ICU offers high-level treatment such as mechanical ventilation and blood gas analysis, and has standardised equipment and procedures.

Surgical Department

Over 8,000 major surgeries have been performed since 1999, including more than 500 heart surgeries. Our Surgical Ward allows post-operative patients to recover once they have become well enough to leave the ICU.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic sees about 60 children each day, with restorations and extractions accounting for the majority of treatments. As is true of many departments, outreach work and education are fundamental aspects of the clinic’s mission.

Eye Clinic

The clinic treats conditions including conjunctivitis and blunt eye trauma. In addition to providing more than 85 pairs of glasses each month, over 200 surgeries are performed each month. Since opening in 2002, the Eye Clinic has performed more than 10,000 major and minor eye surgeries. The team also services schools and orphanages, and are able to provide free eyeglasses after eye screenings to children who need them.

Home Care Department & HIV/AIDS Program

Established in 2001 for children with chronic conditions including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and epilepsy.  It provides patients with medical care, education and social support. We are currently providing anti-retroviral therapy for more than 530 children living with HIV.

Physiotherapy Department

Doctors from all units refer patients to our Physiotherapists who provide more than 600 treatments each month, both on-site and with our Homecare Unit. They provide training to families to empower them to take an active role in their child’s treatment with the aim of minimising complications or relapses.

Radiology Department

Radiology is a fundamental part of the hospital’s diagnostic capacity. The team are able to perform x-rays and ultrasounds, which are critical for diagnosis and surgery. More than 250 ultrasound exams and 600 x-rays are performed each month to ensure our medical staff can efficiently diagnose our patients.


Our Pharmacy provides free medication to all patients who have prescriptions issued at the hospital. Staff educate the 300-500 patients they see daily on administering drugs, warning signs and what to do in case of a severe reaction. Open seven days a week, staff have 24hr access to an on-call Pharmacist.


Angkor Hospital for Children is one of the few hospitals in Cambodia with microbiology capacity. The team of qualified technicians perform 45,000 tests each year. The laboratory assists on a national level through involvement  surveillance projects, including Japanese encephalitis and Severe Acute Respiratory Illnesses.

Satellite Clinic 

Our Satellite Clinic is located 35km from Siem Reap on the grounds of Sotnikum Referral Hospital. Our mission is to provide quality health care services to this rural population while strengthening the government health care system by partnering with the referral hospital to create a replicable model of healthcare.

External Program Department

Our programs help strengthen the  government health system by focusing on community outreach. Our Health System Strengthening program concentrates on the regional hospital level, while Capacity Building and Health Education staff concentrate on working with regional health care centers and targeting local communities.

Social Work Department

Recognizing a growing need to provide social support to families, the Social Work Department opened in 2012 and has grown to provide more than 300 emotional counselling sessions per month in addition to other supportive sessions.

Play Therapy

We believe in the importance of offering a holistic experience. Two Play Therapists are employed on a full-time basis to provide recreational activities for both patients and families while they wait for treatment.