Emergency Room & Intensive Care Unit

Established: 2004, renovated in 2015
Staff: 41 Nursing staff, 12 Doctors (including doctors on rotation)
Capacity: ER: 2 beds (plus 2 observation beds); ICU: 12 beds (including 2 isolation rooms)
Treatments: ER: 1,550 per month; ICU: 65 per month
Most common diagnoses: severe respiratory infections, dengue fever, sepsis, post-operative patients, and dog bites
Operating Costs: $619,699

Angkor Hospital for Children’s Emergency Room/Intensive Care Unit (ER/ICU)  adheres to international standards for infection control and staff to patient ratios. The ER/ICU is open 24-hours per day, 365 day per year.

Treatment: Emergency Cases and Intensive Care 

Like any ER, Angkor Hospital for Children sees a wide variety of severe injuries and illnesses each day. In Cambodia, some of the most commonly seen acute medical problems include severe respiratory infections, dog bites, sepsis, asthma, and viral infections. The ER also sees injuries stemming from motorbike accidents, a very common occurrence in Cambodia. Angkor Hospital for Children’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) offers the highest level of treatment available such as mechanical ventilation, blood gas analysis and administration of inotropes. With the advancement of our doctors’ skills and the addition of the highest quality equipment, we are able to save more and more children’s lives each year.  When necessary, we also offer palliative care to fatally ill or injured children.

Education: Speciality medical training

In order to provide the highest level of care possible, all of our ER/ICU doctors and nurses are trained in Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) and are continually advancing their specialty skills thanks to a range of continuing medical education programs.