HIV/Homecare Unit

Established: 2001
Staff: 15 nursing staff and 2 doctors
Capacity: N/A
Treatments: 532 HIV-positive children on ART; 250 home visits per month
Most common diagnosis: HIV/AIDS, cerebral palsy, haemophilia, malnutrition
Operating Costs:$186,000

The Homecare Team has conducted more than 33,000 visits to patients whose physical and/or mental health situation requires regular attention and care for sustained and improved health outcomes.

HIV in Cambodia 

While infection rates have slowed, there are an estimated 5,200 children under 15 living with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia. Angkor Hospital for Children has provided care to more than 1,070 HIV positive children through this program, and AHC is the largest facility outside of Phnom Penh to provide Antiretroviral Treatment (ART). 

Treatment/Prevention: Meeting Children’s Needs at Home

Angkor Hospital for Children Homecare Unit was established to meet the needs of the significant number of children living with HIV and other chronic illnesses in Siem Reap. 

Angkor Hospital for Children works with families to ensure that they understand their child’s condition and they have the necessary supplies and facilities to promote healthy living: suitable shelter, adequate clean water, and sufficient nutritious food. 

Treatment/Prevention: HIV Peer Support

Angkor Hospital for Children has developed a successful peer education and support programme to support children and families cope with the stigma associated with HIV and thereby improve adherence to ARTs. Peers also talk to each other about the importance of a balanced diet when living with HIV and taking ARTs.

The peer education also reaches into the community to improve knowledge on HIV and reduce stigmatisation. Peers are trained to conduct educational sessions with community members to help them understand HIV and the ability of HIV positive children to live healthy, normal lives if they receive proper treatment and care. 

Treatment/Prevention: Chronic Diseases in Cambodia 

Other conditions requiring on-going follow-up and support include chronic malnutrition, IMG_6875neurological pathology (such as cerebral palsy) and congenital heart disease. The physical conditions of these illnesses may make the journey to the hospital difficult and when coupled with the prohibitively high cost of travel, it becomes extremely difficult for these children to receive regular treatment and monitoring. The Angkor Hospital for Children homecare team provides counselling, monitoring, assessment and treatment by regularly visiting these children and their caregivers. The team is able to provide treatment beyond medical solutions, such as seeds to grow vegetables, mosquito nets to prevent malaria and, in special cases, housing repairs so children may have a safe space to live.