Inpatient Department & Low-Acuity Unit

Established: 1999
Staff: 54 nursing; staff 12 doctors (including doctors on rotation)
Capacity: 50 beds
Patients: 280 per month
Most common diagnoses: upper and lower respiratory tract infections, sepsis, dengue fever, asthma
Operating Costs: $553,296

Angkor Hospital for Children’s Inpatient Department (IPD) opened in 1999 with just two beds, and has grown to a 50-bed department that includes a 10-bed Low Acuity Unit. Our IPD operates at more than 100% capacity on a daily basis. We provide 24 hour care to the more than 3,300 children admitted to the IPD each year.

Treatment: Serious Illnesses in Cambodia 

The IPD is where children stay for treatment of serious cases of commonly seen illnesses. These include acute respiratory tract infections (including pneumonia), sepsis, dengue fever and asthma. Patients in the IPD may have been admitted from the OPD, or may have been discharged to the IPD by our Emergency Room/Intensive Care Unit for further observation and care. To increase the level of health education among our patients’ caregivers, they are taught about basic bedside care during the child’s stay.

Low Acuity Unit 

The Low Acuity Unit has 10 beds for children who need time to recover after treatment or to finish long courses of treatment. This area is for those who are not yet well enough to go home, but who no longer need the specialized care of the IPD.

Ensure Best Treatment 

All medical care is guided by evidence based medical protocols. All of our protocols are reviewed yearly to ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment possible. burn laughing