Established: 1999
Staff: 5 nursing staff, 2 pharmacists and 1 other medical staff
Capacity: 1 dispensing facility
Operating Costs:$72,828

Medication in Cambodia

Cambodia, like many developing countries, has a serious problem with the over-prescription and incorrect prescription of pharmaceuticals, and, tragically, many of these countries are flooded with un-regulated and counterfeit drugs. This results in situations where wrong or indeed harmful medicines are prescribed, but it is also a major contributing factor to the high rates of antibiotic resistance in Cambodia.

Furthermore, Cambodia still has a very active culture of traditional medicine. Whilst in itself oftentimes harmless, self-prescription or seeking counsel from traditional healers can result in delays of seeking quality-controlled healthcare services. This delay can be the difference between life and death, especially for young children.

Treatment: Getting it right

Angkor Hospital for Children has an in-house pharmacy to ensure that our patients have access to the highest quality medications and that caregivers understand how and when to administer prescribed medications. Unlike most public pharmacies, a patient must have a prescription to obtain medication. Open seven days a week, our staff have 24-hour access to an on-call Pharmacist, who can administer drugs to any patient in need. 

Prevention: Medication Education 

The Pharmacists provide all families with correct drug administration education to ensure that their child will receive full treatment. Too often, in Cambodia and globally, patients stop taking medication as soon as they begin to feel better. 

Education: Keeping AHC current 

Angkor Hospital for Children’s Pharmacists are supported by qualified international volunteers to ensure their knowledge and skills remain up-to-date. Staff are encouraged and supported to attend continuing education sessions and conferences to further improve and share their knowledge in-country and internationally.