Physiotherapy Unit

Established: 2007
Staff: 4 nursing staff
Capacity: 1 on-site therapy room; homecare visits
Treatments: ~600 per month
Most common diagnosis: Respiratory therapy, developmental delays, club foot, and muscle contracture
Operating Costs:$31,705

Physiotherapy in Cambodia 

A relatively new area of healthcare in Cambodia, there are very limited physiotherapy resources for children and there are few training opportunities available in the country.

Treatment: Providing holistic services to improve health outcomesrtn_7106

The first of its kind, Angkor Hospital for Children’s in-hospital Physiotherapy Unit was established to meet the needs of our pre and post-operative patients, as well as our patients with physical disabilities due to neurological disorders and patients recovering from severe respiratory infections. Our physiotherapists work with children on-site and also teach exercises to caretakers to encourage at-home care. The team also conduct daily patient assessments in our medical departments. 

Education: International training

With the dearth of in-country training for Cambodian physiotherapists, Angkor Hospital for Children has worked with overseas volunteers to develop training curricula and provide on-the-job coaching to our staff to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge.

Prevention: Supporting families to support their children 

Involving family members in a child’s care is of the utmost importance: if caregivers understand their child’s illness and treatment plan, they are able to offer support for their children. They will also be better positioned to explain the condition to community members to ensure acceptance and understanding. For children everywhere, physical disabilities or differences have the potential to be incredibly emotionally and psychologically damaging, but if caregivers can be empowered to play a support role, these negative consequences can be minimised.