Radiology Department

Established: 2002
Staff: 4 nursing staff (including on call), 2 doctors (including trainee)
Capacity: 1 x-ray machine; 3 ultrasound machines
Treatments: X-rays: ~600 per month; Ultrasounds: ~250 per month
Operating Costs:$51,417

Radiology Department

Our in-house Radiology Department conducts approximately 10,000 x-rays and ultrasounds each year, both of which are integral in appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans for the children we serve.

Treatment: Diagnostics & Digital Radiology 

The Radiology Department provides a vital service to every hospital department: radiologists perform x-rays and ultrasounds to diagnose internal problems such as tumours, cysts, internal bleeds and to identify breaks, among other things. These services are used to determine whether a patient needs surgery or can be treated with non-invasive procedures. Thanks to our on-site radiologists, our medical and nursing staff are able to quickly receive tests, and are able to consult with radiology specialists to determine the best course of action for our patients. 

The 2009 introduction of in-house digital radiography increased efficiency in the diagnostic and treatment process. Physicians are now able to access digital images and regardless of the radiologists’ location, enabling efficient communication regarding treatment plans.