Surgical Department

Established: 1999
Staff: 22 nursing staff, 5 surgeons, 1 doctor of anaesthesiology, 6 other medical staff
Capacity: 1 major operating theatre, 2-bed minor operating theatre, 11-bed surgical recovery ward
Treatments: ~120 major surgeries per month; ~1,000 minor surgeries per month
Most common diagnosis/treatment: major surgeries: PDA ligation heart surgery, hernia surgery, hydrocele repair surgery, bone setting; minor Surgeries: wound closure, wound cleaning, abscess draining
Operating Costs:$505,865
Angkor Hospital for Children has performed over 8,800 major surgeries, including more than 525 heart surgeries.

Angkor Hospital for Children’s Surgical Department provides everything from bone setting to wound debridement, abscess draining to heart surgery, and everything in between.

Treatment: Paving the way for paediatric heart surgery in Cambodia 

There are more than 100,000 children in Cambodia living with congenital heart disease. In the developed world, these diseases are detected and treated early on—in Cambodia, where there is little to no training for cardiologists, children often go years without being diagnosed. Left untreated, congenital heart disease can lead to chronic illness, overall lower-quality of life and early death. In 2010 Angkor Hospital for Children began the first paediatric heart surgery program in the country. Angkor Hospital for Children staff were, and continue to be supported by, international volunteer teams to perform complex surgeries with the goal of building the capacity of our own staff to perform these surgeries independently. Angkor Hospital for Children surgical team has been conducting Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) ligation surgeries since 2010 and, as of November 2015, are able to perform more complex Articular Septal Defect (ASD) repair surgeries unassisted – an incredible achievement which highlights the dedication and expertise of our Cambodian staff. As of 2015, Angkor Hospital for Children has repaired over 525 children’s hearts. chr_heart_0927

Education: International training 

Angkor Hospital for Children works with a select number of specialist volunteer surgical teams who support AHC surgical teams with on-the-job coaching and mentoring. The teams come from all over the world and work hand-in-hand with Angkor Hospital for Children, developing curricula for consistency and training plans for sustainability as well as in-theatre technical support. These teams have also hosted our surgical staff for observation in hospitals overseas and have been supported to attend international conferences to further build their skills and confidence.