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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children


We treat hundreds of children each day who arrive at AHC with preventable illnesses. We’re improving healthcare beyond our walls through community outreach programmes that address root causes.

To counter this, AHC works directly within rural and remote communities to improve health literacy, as well as access to quality healthcare services. 

Our community programmes work with community leaders, village health support groups, schools, health centres and other organisations to improve health services, increase health literacy, and provide disease prevention and education – all the while fostering trust. 

We have earned this trust by operating with the belief that when you empower hearts and minds, behaviour change follows, allowing us to create lasting connections along the continuum of care between people and their health systems. 

Did you know?

Children in Cambodia’s rural areas are at three times greater risk of death before their fifth birthday, according to the 2014 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey.

AHC works with community leaders and village healthcare workers to improve the quality of health services provided in communities and to promote disease prevention and good health practices.

Community Outreach

Community action and engagement has been proven as an effective strategy for harnessing a society’s potential, particularly in health improvement in disadvantaged communities. This method is also a means of providing a voice to the vulnerable and is therefore a powerful tool for addressing health challenges.

In Villages

We empower people on a local level with basic health, hygiene and nutrition education to help prevent serious illness and save children’s lives. 

We leverage relationships with village healthcare workers and provide direct education to community members through innovative and practical methods to improve health literacy. Whilst in the villages, we take the opportunity to conduct malnutrition screenings, vision screenings, and first aid training.

Village attendances in 2019
Village sessions hosted in 2019

In Schools

We operate a number of outreach programmes to schools by providing education to teachers, and healthcare services and education to students. This ensures children are receiving early intervention in healthcare, while also learning the importance of health services and gaining an understanding of prevention.

School attendances in 2019
School sessions held in 2019

In Health Centres

We strengthen the government healthcare system by working with health centres to provide training and technical assistance to healthcare staff and volunteer health workers, as well as infrastructure improvements when required.

Health System Strengthening (HSS) attendances in 2019
HSS sessions in 2019

Other ways we’re having an impact beyond our walls:

Ways You Can Help

Ongoing support from donors and volunteers allows us to continue to deliver high quality medical care to children affected by disease and poverty in Cambodia.

Impact in the Community

Learn about our community team’s 2018 highlights in our Annual Report.

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