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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children


Education at AHC is diverse and extensive and lays at the heart of the organisation’s mission to improve healthcare for all of Cambodia’s children – through a highly-skilled healthcare workforce.

We develop, deliver and oversee a comprehensive range of training for nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and students, in collaboration with other departments.

Professional Education at AHC

Ensuring the next generation of Cambodia’s healthcare workforce is skilled and prepared to deliver high quality care is central to AHC’s mission. As one of only three paediatric training facilities nationwide, AHC has a unique role in delivering high quality teaching and hands-on, clinical training to medical residents, medical interns, and final year nursing students.


AHC offers a Certificate of Paediatric Nursing, the only one of its kind in Cambodia.

AHC originally introduced the nursing process, which is now standard across Cambodia, and offers training country-wide for nurses and midwives.

In 2018, AHC saw a 43% increase in nursing students, with almost 800 nursing students undertaking placements.


Through a strategic relationship with the University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Phnom Penh, we offer placements in UHS’s two-year national paediatric residency programme. AHC is one of three training hospitals where UHS sends residents.

In 2018, over 15 resident doctors graduated from AHC’s three-years medical residency, and 40-60 medicals students participated in a rotation.


Our education and medical departments collaborate to produce a paediatric healthcare conference, Cambodia’s first national multidisciplinary conference.

Over 100 attendances by government healthcare professionals at workshops and training sessions were recorded in 2018.