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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Replicating our Expertise

As Cambodia’s leading paediatric healthcare organisation, AHC is seen as a role model by other institutions across the country and our strong position allows us to tackle a number of large global child health concerns. 

Flagship Programmes

Our Global Child Health Department is focused on developing innovative, impactful and sustainable solutions to major global child health issues by combining existing scientific evidence and analytical thinking, with creativity and contextual understanding. 

The review and evaluation of our current practices and core activities allows us to develop implementation blueprints that can be replicated across the country.

Our flagship programmes are designed to develop solutions connected to the reduction of neonatal and child mortality and morbidity, and antibiotic resistance and stewardship.

Saving Babies’ Lives Programme

In the six years since AHC started its neonatal programme, the number of babies dying in the hospital has been reduced by 80%. AHC is using its experience and expertise to push the boundaries of neonatal care in Cambodia where many newborn deaths are preventable. 

The Saving Babies’ Lives (SBL) programme aims to reduce the number of newborns dying in one of Cambodia’s most rural and poorest provinces, Preah Vihear, by one-third over a five-year period. The programme creates change along the continuum of care for newborn babies, in partnership with government healthcare staff.

Antibiotic Resistance

AHC is establishing a comprehensive, replicable programme of antibiotic stewardship. The programme is designed to be effective in resource-limited settings, with the ultimate goal of reducing the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

To accomplish this, AHC works in partnership with COMRU (Cambodia-Oxford Medical Research Unit) to gather information on resistance incidence, prevalence and trends. By improving the understanding and response to antibiotic resistance patterns and key drivers, together we are leading the way in antibiotic stewardship.

Other ways we’re having an impact beyond our walls:

Ways You Can Help

Ongoing support from donors and volunteers allows us to continue to deliver high quality medical care to children affected by disease and poverty in Cambodia.

Saving Babies’ Lives

AHC’s flagship programme is defining neonatal healthcare in Cambodia.

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