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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Research & Policy

At the heart of our approach to solving national and international challenges in child health is an unwavering commitment to evidence-based knowledge and data-based analysis.

In partnership with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, AHC generates, reviews and shares a vast amount of this information in order to strengthen Cambodia’s healthcare system, improve health outcomes across the country, and influence global child health policy. 

We apply these learnings through policy recommendations and internationally published research.


We frequently publish research papers and findings in international journals and academic papers to ensure the widest possible reach in information sharing. Read our recent publications in premier, peer-reviewed journals.

Since our founding, we’ve published more than 100 research papers in publications internationally.

Over the past year, AHC has contributed to almost a dozen publications in international, peer-reviewed journals:


Over the years, we’ve used our expertise to contribute to the formulation of over 25 medical policy guidelines in the country, from pioneering the nursing process framework, to developing the paediatric basic life support clinical practice guidelines, to advising neonatal care nationwide. 

Other ways we’re having an impact beyond our walls: