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Neonatal Unit stats 2019

Our Neonatal Unit is unique in Cambodia for its quality of care and standards of hygiene. (general note about unit)

In September 2013, AHC established a stand-alone Neonatal Unit within the hospital to address an urgent gap in neonatal care in Cambodia and to reduce the number of neonatal deaths.

The Neonatal Unit consists of a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) which provides specialist treatment and supportive care for both babies and their families as well as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for babies in a critical condition. (special point about unit)

Over the past seven years, AHC has provided quality neonatal care to over 8,400 neonates, 2,500 (or approximately one third) of which were admitted to our Neonatal Unit and would otherwise be vulnerable to dying. (overall stats)

With the Fu Tak Iam Foundation’s generous support in 2019, AHC treated over 1,400 neonates and operated at 100% capacity, a significant increase from the 300 neonates treated in 2013. (most recent stats)

As of January 2020 a total of four doctors and 16 nurses work in the unit, which has 14 beds and treats on average 41 neonates per month. (stats on staff and beds)

Our Neonatal Unit is replicated beyond our hospital walls in the referral hospital, x hospital and in our SBL Programme (link) (special point about unit)

Neonatal care at AHC
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