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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Specialty Care

We’re paving the way for specialty care in Cambodia

We’ve done it already, by recognising paediatrics as a specialty in itself. Today, we’re prioritising and scaling up paediatric specialty services. It’s a response to the needs presented amongst our patients, and strategic within the context of the country’s healthcare system.

This specialty care includes secondary and tertiary services, like oncology, cardiology and neurology, as well as follow-up care for chronic conditions. 

As one of the only healthcare organisations providing this service, we’re establishing its importance to the wellbeing of Cambodians, and driving change in the way routine services are provided across the country.

Our Speciality Services

AHC delivers a number of paediatric specialist services with a high clinical need to children across Cambodia.

Chronic Conditions


Intensive Care



AHC's Oncology Programme is Paving the Way in Cambodia

In the Spotlight: Oncology

Our overarching goal to provide much needed, seldom treated paediatric specialties is exemplified by our oncology programme. Our vision to advance curative treatment and palliative care for paediatric cancer in Cambodia reflects core tenets of our specialist care philosophy. 

The programme is emblematic of the efforts and initiatives we hope to extend to all specialty services. Our approach begins with the specialist doctors, nurses and staff and every cancer patient they care for; it incorporates holistic, high-quality treatment, and includes a broad matrix of local, national and international collaborative initiatives, including partnerships with Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical.

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Why do specialty services matter?

After decades of living in a state of war and violence, many children in Cambodia were left without access to basic health services, and without a medical workforce.

Twenty years on, basic government-run healthcare facilities have improved. However, there are critical gaps in the current system to treating serious illness or injury requiring intensive care, as well as a lack of care for other diseases like oncology and other chronic conditions.

AHC is pushing the boundaries of what is currently available in specialty services. We’re not only providing lifesaving care today for families who have nowhere else to turn, but we’re also proving that these kinds of services can be delivered in low-resource settings – influencing child health in Cambodia and beyond.

Why We’re Here
Savoeun's Story - How One Patient Fought Cancer

Savoeun’s Story

Five years ago, if a child was diagnosed with cancer in Cambodia, the outlook was grim. Few if any resources for treatment existed. There were no facilities offering radiotherapy, haematology, intensive chemotherapy or palliative care.

Today, the landscape is different as AHC works to build a network of paediatric cancer care centres across Cambodia, beginning within the hospital.

Learn how one patient is fighting cancer at AHC.

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