Kenro Izu

    Kenro Izu

    kenro_izuJapanese-born Kenro Izu studied at the Nihon University College of Arts in Tokyo, he moved to New York and in 1974 established the Kenro Izu Studio. Specializing in a platinum-palladium print method, today Kenro travels the world, photographing sacred architecture.

    Inspired by visit to Cambodia

    His story with AHC began in 1993-1996, where Kenro made a series of trips to Cambodia to capture images for his “Light Over Ancient Angkor” seriesDuring this time he was moved by the ill and malnourished children of the war-torn country. As a way of giving back to Cambodia in return for the images he captured, Kenro dedicated himself to building a pediatric hospital near the temples.

    International art exhibitions

    The “Light Over Ancient Angkor” series generated the seed money for what became the AHC. The series has been exhibited in Japan, London, New York, and Canada, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

    Today Kenro Izu remains on our Board of Directors.