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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

What We Do

We are dedicated to improving the health of Cambodia’s children, from within our hospital walls to the farthest provinces.

Our Hospital 

Over the last 20 years, we’ve provided more than two million high quality, lifesaving treatments. We’ve pioneered a model of holistic care that treats the whole child – while treating every child as our own.

Built on a foundation of expertise, we prioritise where need is greatest, filling the gaps in the government health system. We’re paving the way in specialty care to address Cambodia’s changing needs.

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Beyond Our Walls

We leverage our expertise and innovation to create impact across Cambodia and beyond. With a cornerstone in education and a commitment to communities, health system strengthening starts here.

Our Approach

We maintain the highest standards of governance and transparency, delivering effectiveness and accountability to our stakeholders while ensuring sustainability.

Ways You Can Help

Ongoing support from donors and volunteers allows us to continue to deliver high quality medical care to children affected by disease and poverty in Cambodia.

Our Impact

How do we define and demonstrate our impact?

By continuously reviewing the intention and outcomes of our core activities, the long-term, sustained change they deliver, and implementing enhanced processes for measurement.

From each child who walks through our gates and each student in our classrooms, to the studies published internationally and national policies and guidelines we inform, our impact extends across individual, professional, community and societal levels.

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