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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Our Hospital

Since 1999, we’ve provided high-quality, compassionate care to children from every province in Cambodia – regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Our hospital offers comprehensive clinical services, from lifesaving specialty care to holistic support designed to treat the whole child. In Cambodia, it’s of high need and unprecedented.

Between our 19 interconnected departments, we provide over 135,000 quality treatments annually – treatments that are safe, timely, effective and patient-centred, measured and monitored through organisation-wide key performance indicators.

Specialty Care

What makes AHC different is our focus on filling gaps in the healthcare system. We are paving the way in how paediatric specialities like oncology, neurology and neonatology are recognised and treated in the changing landscape of Cambodian health.

Our Specialty Care

Our Holistic Approach

Our compassionate, holistic model of care puts the focus on the needs of our patients and their family, contributes to better health outcomes, and is unique within Cambodian hospitals.




Medical Social Work



High Quality Care

In addition to the specialty services offered by AHC, we offer primary and secondary healthcare services to children across Cambodia. 

Outpatient Department

Emergency Room

Inpatient Department


Treatments Provided in 2019
Treatments Provided Since 1999
Provinces We Treat 

Why We’re Here

Cambodia’s public healthcare system has made impressive gains in recent years, and poverty continues to fall.  

Despite this progress, children still die from preventable causes, like diarrhea, pneumonia and infection. Due to barriers from distance, poor quality and affordability, a lack of access to healthcare remains a serious issue.  

35% of Cambodians are living in poverty. 

1 in 34 Cambodian children die before their 5th birthday.

1 out of 3 newborn deaths are preventable. 

Why We’re Here

Ways You Can Help

Ongoing support from donors and volunteers allows us to continue to deliver high quality medical care to children affected by disease and poverty in Cambodia.