Our Approach

Our organisation runs on great teamwork — led by Cambodians.

AHC’s third strategic goal is to run a locally-led, strong and transparent organisation.

It ensures we have the human, technological and financial resources to deliver our work in the hospital, classroom and community.

It holds us accountable to our patients and their families, health workers, donors and partners like the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It safeguards the quality of our work.

It’s an unrelenting organisational commitment to improvement, transparency and effectiveness. It guarantees AHC is locally led, impactful and relevant, delivering good value for money and here for the long term.

2022 Key Performance Indicators


Waiting time (minutes)

0 %

Readmission rate

0 %

Hand hygiene standards (compliance)


Journal publications

Source of funds

Total funds raised

January–September 2022: US$4.01 million

Use of funds

Total funds used

January–September 2022: US$3.45 million

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