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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Our People

Working alongside our Board of Directors, AHC consists of 97% Cambodian staff.

AHC currently employs 400 staff including: 119 nurses, 50 medical doctors, 25 community health workers, 55 allied health professionals, and 151 non-medical supporting staff.

Founded on the principle of building a hospital for Cambodian children, run by Cambodians, our team brings that vision to life.



AHC’s Executive Committee ensures all areas of the organisation have an equal voice while making operational decisions for the hospital.

Meet our Executive Team

Dr Ngoun Chanpheaktra, Hospital Director

Dr Pheaktra is one of AHC’s first paediatricians and has been with the organisation since its founding in 1999.

As Hospital Director, he oversees all aspects of AHC from medical service delivery, education, operations, to organisational strategy.

Dr Pheaktra is a University of Health Sciences (UHS) clinical monitor, lecturer and paediatric committee member, as well as a member of the Siem Reap Medical Council. He works as a consultant for chronic kidney disease, dengue haemorrhage fever, severe malnutrition management and child development at AHC.

Prior to joining the Executive Committee, Dr Pheaktra served as the Chief of the Emergency and Intensive Care Unit, Chief of Medicine and Deputy Hospital Director. His research to date has resulted in over 10 published scientific papers.


Prof Claudia brings depth of experience, both as a research paediatrician and a hospital executive focused on quality, strategy and innovation.

Before assuming the role of Healthcare Management Consultant, Prof Claudia was AHC’s CEO. She led AHC through the development of its first strategic plan, its execution and successive updates. Under her leadership, AHC developed and implemented an organisational policy framework and quality assurance programme that cemented the organisation’s reputation for excellence and transparency. Claudia’s focus on empowerment and capacity building, coupled with her vision of contributing to global child health knowledge, led her to launch the flagship programme Saving Babies’ Lives.

Before her role as CEO, Claudia worked as Director of Clinical Research at AHC’s Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU). Prior to that, Claudia worked as a research paediatrician in refugee camps along the Thailand – Myanmar border, leading research on pneumonia and sepsis that resulted in interventions that substantially reduce neonatal mortality. Claudia is a UK-trained honorary consultant paediatrician, associate professor and clinician scientist with the University of Oxford. Her research to date has resulted in over 50 published scientific papers.

Our Board of Directors

AHC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The 13-member board is responsible for
supporting strategy and policy, as well as overseeing the organisation’s activities.