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Compassionate healthcare and purposeful innovation for Cambodia’s children

Saving Babies’ Lives Programme

In the remote, rural province of Preah Vihear, in Northern Cambodia, one in 40 newborn babies die.

Cambodian newborn babies are dying needlessly. Over one third die from preventable causes* ⁠— diseases and illnesses that can be easily treated. But in Preah Vihear, access to treatment is not guaranteed. People live in remote villages where healthcare is basic, and knowledge limited, for newborn care.

Angkor Hospital for Children is working to reverse those statistics. The paediatric healthcare organisation developed a programme, called Saving Babies’ Lives (SBL), designed to do just that. Learn how the Saving Babies’ Lives programme is creating a blueprint for improving neonatal mortality in Cambodia’s most vulnerable province and beyond.

SBL Media Resources

“Around the world, loads of babies die and they absolutely don’t have to. By increasing healthcare workers’ knowledge, confidence, and motivation, you will stop babies from dying. It’s that simple. It’s making people believe that they have a say — that they can actually save these babies’ lives.”

Claudia Turner, AHC CEO

*Source: Newborns: Reducing Mortality. WHO, 2018



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