AHC Reaches 100 Peer Review Journal Publications

October 10, 2020

AHC Reaches 100 Peer Review Journal Publications

At the heart of Angkor Hospital for Children’s approach to solving national and international challenges in child health is an unwavering commitment to evidence-based knowledge and data-based analysis.

In partnership with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, AHC generates, reviews and shares a vast amount of this information in order to strengthen Cambodia’s healthcare system, improve health outcomes across the country, and influence global child health policy.

AHC applies these learnings through policy recommendations and internationally published research.

In October 2020, AHC achieved a major milestone in research initiatives, as the organisation published its 100th peer-reviewed journal paper since its founding in 1999. The milestone reinforces AHC’s ongoing commitment to advancing child health beyond its own walls. Over the past 20 years, AHC’s publications have covered a wide range of expertise including neonatal care, infectious disease, antibiotic resistance, developmental tools and milestones, and more.

The 100th paper, “Genomic surveillance for hypervirulence and multi-drug resistance in invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae from South and Southeast Asia,” was published in Genome Medicine.

AHC’s full list of publications:

  1. Wyres KL, Nguyen TNT, Lam MMC, Judd LM, van Vinh Chau N, Dance DAB, Ip M, Karkey A, Ling CL, Miliya T, Newton PN, Lan NPH, Sengduangphachanh A, Turner P, Veeraraghavan B, Vinh PV, Vongsouvath M, Thomson NR, Baker S, Holt KE: Genomic surveillance for hypervirulence and multi-drug resistance in invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae from South and Southeast Asia. Genome Medicine 2020, 12(1):11.
  2. Watson G, Patel K, Leng D, Vanna D, Khut S, Prak M, Turner C: Barriers and facilitators to neonatal health and care-seeking behaviours in rural Cambodia: a qualitative study. BMJ Open 2020, 10(7):e035449.
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  4. van den Bergen JA, Robevska G, Eggers S, Riedl S, Grover SR, Bergman PB, Kimber C, Jiwane A, Khan S, Krausz C, Raza J, Atta I, Davis SR, Ono M, Harley V, Faradz SMH, Sinclair AH, Ayers KL: Analysis of variants in GATA4 and FOG2/ZFPM2 demonstrates benign contribution to 46,XY disorders of sex development. Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine 2020, n/a(n/a):e1095.
  5. Turner P, Ashley EA, Celhay OJ, Douangnouvong A, Hamers RL, Ling CL, Lubell Y, Miliya T, Roberts T, Soputhy C, Ngoc Thach P, Vongsouvath M, Waithira N, Wannapinij P, van Doorn HR: ACORN (A Clinically-Oriented Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network): a pilot protocol for case based antimicrobial resistance surveillance. Wellcome Open Res 2020, 5:13.
  6. Thomas ANR, Gabriella W, Chheng K, Pisey T, Tamalee R, Clare LL, Thyl M, Paul T: Elizabethkingia anophelis Infection in Infants, Cambodia, 2012–2018. Emerging Infectious Disease journal 2020, 26(2):320.
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  8. Ngoun C, De Mey P, Baesel K, Khann RK, Stoey LS: Cambodian Developmental Milestone Assessment Tool (cDMAT): Performance reference charts and reliability check of a tool to assess early childhood development in Cambodian children. Early Human Development 2020, 141:104934.
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