A story of resilience, determination and teamwork 

May 1, 2023

Longdy was seven years old in 2020 when he started to feel very sick. He was pale, constantly bloated and developing wounds on his face. His mother Cheata brought him to a children’s hospital, where the doctors gave him medication for anaemia and tuberculosis. 

However, Longdy’s condition only worsened, and he eventually lost his ability to walk. Desperate for answers, Cheata decided to take him to AHC. 

At AHC, oncologist Dr Sam Lyvannak immediately suspected Longdy had cancer. A bone marrow aspiration and blood tests confirmed his suspicions: Longdy had high-risk B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. 

“When I heard the word cancer, I was petrified. I remember begging the doctor to save my son. I did everything Dr Vannak told me to do. We stayed at AHC for many months at a time. Everyone working here is so friendly and professional they’re all lifesavers.” 

Cheata, Longdy’s mother

The first two months of chemotherapy were very challenging for Longdy. The medications he’d taken for his several misdiagnoses had caused multiple life-threatening complications, like severe infections and wounds. 

During this time, the cancer also spread to his central nervous system. The oncology team gave Longdy two extra high-dose chemotherapy treatments directly into his bone marrow to kill the cancerous cells.  

“He was in critical condition. We didn’t think he would survive.”

Dr Vannak

The fight for Longdy’s life required incredible teamwork. AHC’s oncology team administered his chemotherapy, our intensive care team treated his wounds and infections and our nutrition team ensured he was strong enough for treatment. Meanwhile, Cheata never left her son’s side.

“For three years, they never missed an appointment. I’m so proud of them both. As doctors, the dedication and cooperation of parents is so important and valuable. We’re all in this together to care for their child.” 

Dr Vannak

On March 25th, 2023, Longdy completed all five phases of chemotherapy. Longdy and Cheata finally got the news they’d been dreaming of for three years: Longdy was cancer-free. For the next two years, he and Cheata will return every two months to monitor his blood and receive annual check-ups. 

“I only trust AHC, and I would never miss a check-up with the team,” Cheata expressed. “They saved my son’s life!” 

Cheata, Longdy’s mother