“My baby stopped vomiting after I learned to feed him every three hours.” 

July 3, 2023

Unable to breastfeed, a local clinic instructed first-time mother Dany to feed her newborn Sokha with formula whenever he was hungry. He developed chronic vomiting and became severely malnourished. 

A local hospital diagnosed Sokha with anaemia a month later. Not seeing improvements, the family returned home after a week and desperately asked around for answers.  

A neighbour recommended AHC to get help with complex and chronic conditions. At AHC, our nutrition team diagnosed Sokha with severe acute malnutrition. As he began his treatment, so did nutrition education sessions for Dany. 

“I was stunned by how misinformed Dany was about nutrition. This should not happen. Nutrition education is vital, especially for first-time parents like Dany. It can mean life or death for their child.” 

Narorth, AHC nutrition nurse

Our nutritionists began feeding Sokha F100, a formula designed for malnourished children. Meanwhile, Dany learned how to feed him eight times a day, every three to four hours. She also learned to clean milk bottles properly and monitor his weight regularly. AHC’s nutrition nurses also taught Dany how to cook nutritious porridge for when Sokha turns six months old.  

“I followed everything I learned at AHC and now my son is stable. I can’t believe it,” Dany said. “I feel so happy. Thank you for teaching me how to raise my son healthy with regular nutritious feeding.” 

Dany, Sokha’s mother