“There’s no price to compare to my experience at AHC.”

December 21, 2023

Ever since he was a child, Dr Chhum Meanphorp dreamed of becoming a doctor. His father, a retired nurse, was his role model and inspiration. He wanted to follow his path into healthcare.

“My father used to take me to work when I was a child. I’d imagine myself wearing a medical uniform and helping people who were suffering.”

Dr Meanphorp

After graduating in general medicine from the University of Health Science in 2019, Dr Meanphorp began anesthesiology training at Kampot Provincial Hospital. In 2021, he became AHC’s paediatric anesthesiologist in-training.

“AHC is known as one of the best healthcare learning centers in the country. AHC was always my goal. It’s a great opportunity for me and I’m so lucky to be here.”

Dr Meanphorp

At AHC, Dr Meanphorp works in the surgical unit under the guidance of the anesthesia manager. He’s responsible for giving anesthesia to all patients and collaborating closely with the eye clinic, intensive care and emergency teams for consultation and monitoring.

“Besides crucial technical skills, I’ve learned so much about teamwork and effective communication. I’m so grateful for the chance to become a regional pediatric anesthesia expert and help children get the safe and pain-free treatment they need.”

Dr Meanphorp

Since the installation of a CT scanner at AHC, Dr Meanphorp and the team can also provide immediate monitored anaesthesia care. To access the critical service previously, an anaesthesiologist had to travel with the child and their family to partner hospitals in town for the service.  

“Having our own CT scanner has been an incredible gift. We’ve become busier, but I’m so happy and grateful every day that we can diagnose children faster. It’s less pain and stress, not just for them but their whole family.”  

Dr Meanphorp

Once Dr Meanphorp completes his training at AHC in 2025, he will apply to become a certified pediatric anesthesiologist, a rare qualification held by only a few in the country. He hopes to inspire the coming generations to become valuable resources in developing Cambodia.

“There’s no price to compare to my experience at AHC. I’m often reminded of how we’re positively impacting the health and futures of hundreds of children in Cambodia. This is only the beginning. I will do this for the rest of my life.”

Dr Meanphorp