Cycling for Environment and Children’s Health (Siem Reap)

August 27, 2023
AHC 7th Annual Cycling Event

In 2014, two Siem Reap businesses, Cambodia Cycling Company and Asian Square Group, initiated a cycling event to raise funds for and raise awareness about AHC. This became the first inaugural “Cycling for Environment and Children‘s Health.”

As the event gained interest, other co-organisers such as Travel Loop Tour and Aing Kimsan Bicycle Shop became involved. Since its first year, the cycling event developed its own committees to strengthen the work.

In 2023, the annual cycling event will enter its tenth year in Siem Reap, with all funds being donated to AHC. Additionally, the event is based around sustainability; the organising members believe children’s health is the root of a country’s development.

This year, we are thrilled to announce the event will take place in the heart of Siem Reap once again in 2023.

Participants can register online or on site, individually or in groups.

Siem Reap registration

AHC’s Visitor Centre

Registration fee:

  • 20$ (Bicycle excluded)
  • 25$ (Bicycle included)

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